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Resurrected in the Blues

Nikk wrote this tune late at night in an empty house with just a candle and a resonator guitar, playing the blues at 2am. After a night of playing Rock-n-Roll and listening to all the modern music on the radio while driving home, he realized that playing the blues was like coming home, being Resurrected in the Blues.

This song will be featured on the next Wolves at the Door CD.

I can’t listen to pop music...Those clichés all sound so used Old recycled rock riffs...Been played til they’re abused I just wanna be resurrected in the blues I used to like soul music...Play it any ol’ time I choose Nobody does it that way now...Its all yesterdays news
I just wanna be resurrected in the blues I can’t tolerate rap music...It makes me blow a fuse Playin’ jazz is so much better...But it’s a lifetime of payin’ dues I just wanna be resurrected in the blues I love to hear that guitar wail…it’s a feelin’ I’ll never loose Gonna go stand down atthe crossroads…that’s where I find my muse I just wanna be resurrected in the blues

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Slide Stormin’ is the first solo CD from slide guitarist, Nikk Wolfe.  Recorded at Soundworks Studios in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, by keyboard pro Mike Vlahakis (Luther Allison, Bernard Allison) with able assistance from Bernard Allison alums, Jassen Wilber on bass and Erik Ballard on drums and local musicians Tony Campbell on bass and Billy Cooney on drums. Slide Stormin’ features 11 songs  from the blues/rock of “Naked Strippers and Cheap Booze” to the introspective “Fortune’s Wheel”.   On Slide Stormin’, Wolfe draws on his inspirations and influences filtered through his Blues/Rock sensibilities to deliver a smoking set of tunes all played on slide guitar.  Listen and experience a new voice of slide guitar.

Nikk Wolfe Slide Guitar

Glass...Steel...Electricity...Rock & Blues
Review:  Alex Henderson 2014:

 "......On Slide Stormin’, Wolfe shows himself to be a triple threat by demonstrating what he can do as a singer, songwriter (he wrote all 11 of the songs on this memorable CD) and electric guitarist.  The album is titled Slide Stormin’ because Wolfe plays electric slide guitar, reminding us of the long and proud tradition that slide playing has had in the blues world....." 

Nikk Wolfe